Custom Batik Shirts from Solo Leisure

Solo Leisure makes custom hand-made batik shirts for clubs, associations, student groups and corporations with personalized designs and color combinations. Each product features unique designs and color combinations as well as the highest quality fabrics, stitching and packaging.  We begin with 100% cotton (40-70S, 1 or 2-ply) and create fabrics that are subtle or designed to make a statement.

Solo Process - Step by Step

Please watch the process of making a batik fabric ‘step by step’ as filmed by our team in Solo, Indonesia.

Collegiate / Licensed Apparel

Heading to an alumni event or football game? Why not travel in collegiate style with a shirt, scarf or bag that reflects your school colors and seal*. Custom stamped patterns available for every college and university. Our collegiate apparel not only makes a bold statement but it is comfy to wear for all day or evening events.

*Subject to licensing fees and approval.

Corporate / OEM

Trust Solo Leisure for your corporate branded clothing and gift items. Let us work with you to design a custom stamp that incorporates your logo, a special statement, or a pattern that reflects a special occasion or anniversary. Head to the next marketing convention or sales event with shirts that create a statement and identify members of your company or corporate team.

Hospitality / Service

Solo Leisure is ideally suited to work with small/growing properties as well as larger established venues in designing and delivering quality Hospitality/Service products that identify you to your customers and reflect the spirit of your team. Everything from resort apparel to restaurant table products benefit from going that extra mile. 

Gift / Specialty

Custom drawstring bags, zippered travel pouches, clothing and resort items are just a few of the products available to the Gift/Specialty market from Solo Leisure. Unlike plastic and paper, our 100% natural fiber totes and bags are environmentally friendly and collectable and make great gift items all by themselves.

Let's discuss your project.

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